[Release] No Pixel Style Hud RedM | Nas_Hud

This is a No Pixel style hud for RedM. This work is from DuckyQ known as duck_hud. But been modified by me Nastrix

I edited this hud to work properly with ml_needs, you will no longer see the ml_needs hud underneath the No Pixel style hud!

Things added to the hud

  • In Game Time (clock) to the end of the hud system
  • Changed the colour of the green health bar to suit RedM better.

More will be added to this hud soon.

Nas_Hud.zip (13.7 KB)

This hud comes with ml_needs and nas_hud inside. Just drag and drop the files in your resources folder and make sure the server.cfg looks like this.

ensure ml_needs
ensure nas_hud


  • ml_needs (comes with the file)



Resource ml_needs does not support the current game (gta5).


This isn’t meant to be used in FiveM.

ahhh ok :frowning:

Yeah sorry bro. This is for RedM only

Would it be possible to make this compatible with vorp_metabolism?

I’ll take a look into it mate, really busy at the moment but when I get the chance I’ll have a look at it

Nice work