[Release] Nearest Postal Script

Yes, that was fixed in the latest hotfix.

how long ago? beccause i downloaded maybe an hour ago and its still throwing

it was hotfixed ~1 hour ago.

ill redownload and try it again

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works great, thanks!

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Thanks @BlockBa5her Really love this script. Very useful. No more needing of pressing start to know nearest postal :smiley: Whoo hoo :stuck_out_tongue: Awesome Release!

any clue why i get this error

when trying to start up ya script

Hey there. any way i can help with some missing postals on the Improved postals map.
some of them are not showing up to the left on the map around postal 1099

@Peter Will check it out
@boom_gotcha Make sure to follow installation, because it seems like it can’t find the file postals.json

smart man, smart man

ive set this one to mine so im not sure :frowning:
new-postals.json & thats the map i am using atm

make sure to rename the file postals.json for the script to work, it says in the installation.



found some more postals missing on the Improved Postals map
9392 9393 9391 9394 9395

the egg hunt is raging here :smiley:
we are really having a lot of fun with this script :slight_smile: ty

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I started reading this and said to myself, “I’ll just go make a .json for my communities custom postals… easy peasy!” and then I opened your .json and saw how you did them

However, 10/10 this looks like great work. Kudos.

Thanks dude im have been waiting for this a long time i even asked for help a long time ago and everyone said it was not possible but i can se now that is is thanks for the script you did a good job

This has been fixed! Thank you for the feedback

Could you make a video on installation.

You install this just like you would install any other script.

I installed it normally like any other script. Does not show up on my screen.