[RELEASE] ndrp_garbagejob - Optimized and updated garbage job script (ESX)

I keep getting canCarryItem server.lua line 29

convert to limit

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Hey Can You Please Tell Me How You Made The You Recived Your Salary Notification Work With Mythic Notify ?

I know its been a minute but how would you convert it from weight to limit?

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Which thing is in weight can you explain in brief?

You can create a discussion, i will tell you

Hello! Don’t know if anyone could help but, how can I customize this job better? I was able to move the coords but would love to make it so there can be a MULTITUDE of garbage runs. Could I get some help??

For some reason when I join the job I’m not seeing any blips to start the job.

First of all nice script thank for the work.
I see u using a export for your car lock script.
Is this a possibility to let users letting lock not only they own cars but the company/spawned cars too?
It would be really nice if you would share the work!
I think I and many people would pay for it too.


can help me whit scipts?
es_extended: ignoring setJob for 1 due to job not found!

Hey there!
I have a problem with your script - when I pick a job, I can’t see any blip on the map. Can you help me please?

EDIT: I made a stupid mistake, I add “garbage” job to the database with job grade 1. If anyone have the same problem, it should be set with job grade 0.

Hello, i’m getting an error when i try to set the job ingame it says “The job, grade or both are invalid” i added the garbage in the database can anyone help? Maybe i added the job wrong i will also send a picture of that.Knipsel

I see it’s giving me an error but i just don’t understand it… I’m still learning but it’s says “SCRIPT ERROR: citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:1155 No Such export SendAlert in resource pNotify”

I gets this error after collecting the bags and receiving items, i get the salary pay as well… any help?? Hope i wrote in the right area