[Release] My version of es_robberies [updated]

My own edit of es_robberies.
I did this so i could use es_freeroam with es_robberies.

es_holdup is for store robberies and es_bank is well bank robberies.
You can add more banks/stores, these come with 4 stores and the 3 banks from es_robberies

In the server.lua you can make it so it gives dirty money or normal money


  • Managed to get the timer to show when robbing banks and stores

  • Fixed a bug where bank robberies would only last 2 minutes (I forgot to change the timeout function to 300000)


  • Changed the text event (Press E to rob) to

An Edit by yosang: Link

Update#2: Virus scan bank and holdup update2.rar (5.5 KB)

Update#1: Virus scan bank and holdup update.rar (5.4 KB)

Original: Virus scan es_bank and es_holdup.rar (4.9 KB)


good job ! have nice day :slight_smile:

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excellent! gonna try this now! ty

Just tested and works great! TY

Edit 2
Will grab and test the newest version,
Ty for your great work on this!


Is it working with es_roleplay ?


Where I change the key

Good job. Thanks for the release :wink:

I don’t use es_roleplay, so your just gonna have to find that out yourself.

Nice job, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Is this working with es Freeroam 1.03? Not home yet but excited to find out!

After pressing the key and asking to wait 5 min and normal, I did not come police?

Lol it’s normal, it’s for a LSPD Players (for a Roleplay server), not the IA !

Works great, good job!

Thanks a lot for this script !

Thanks a lot for this script!!! One question if I want to set a random reward like between 5000-12000. What I need to change in the script?

reward = (5000,12000) ???



RTFM :wink:

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Hi thx for sharing @Frazzle.
What about making a version of es_customization for es_freeroam ? :smiley:


any idea to block the stealing for cops and a needed cop connected ? i use this https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-cops-fivem-v1-0-1


hi Day_Field

how to link CopsFiveM script and es_robberies script ?!

its automatique ?

thx and advance


Don t know, I want to add a funtion like “if job=job.police then close” and a “if police officier < 2 then close”

Ok thx

I will also try on my side