[Release] Momiji Ped Add-On Port (+example metas)


Port of Momiji from Dead or Alive 5

Added peds:

  • f_momiji_01
  • f_momiji_02
  • f_momiji_03
  • f_momiji_04


GitHub Download Link

Metadata Examples:

Just change the name to the models name you are streaming. (With this AddOn, it came with 4 variants of the model that I renamed f_momiji_0x, I also then had to resize the textures for the models as they exceeded the 16mb limit).

Ped metadata can also be combined into one file as seen here.


this ped seems pretty weeb.

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Thanks man! I will check it out!

:information_desk_person: to each their own. Also this was the first author that had responded saying I could use their model. Plus this one is really cool considering how much you can change on each variation. Pretty sweet imo

I’m having trouble with this. i tried to add this folder to my resources folder, i added Momiji-AddOn-master to citmp-server.yml, but when i go on the server and try to spawn a skin by name like f_momiji_01 it tells me that Could not find player model 'f_momiji_01 ’
also tested for “momiji” same issue

I don’t believe add on peds are working anymore.

oh ok. You know why? A problem that would be solved soon? Or something intentionnaly locked?

Up please! I want to play with Add-On Momiji peds. Still no fix for it? :confused:
Is someone still have it working?

This works perfect for me - only issue I have is the bikini models. I was able to get other custom PEDS to work as well.

It works!
how can I reduce the texture of a ped (for example 26MB)? can I split them into two? If so, how?

Hey, Hello, how can you crack the size of the figure, because it is too difficult to control the size of the character files.

How does it work? shortcut?