[Release] Modern Seatbelt

Please read OP.

As a reminder, I am (still) happily accepting feedback and feature requests.
Feel free to spit-ball your ideas, thoughts and feelings on this thread.
If you have more specific or in-depth feedback, please submit this as an issue on GitHub.

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Are you able to make the Seatbelt chime configurable and allow people to use their own image along with their own positioning for the Seatbelt Icon?

All sounds are configurable (in the sense that you can replace the files).
If you have your own SVG, you can replace the seatbelt icon in static/index.html.
You can also change the position of the SVG in static/style.css.

As I’ve explained previously, this is not a supported feature. This type of “configuration” is not and will never be supported because it is simply overkill for something that is easy to do.

When no seatbelt is on. The passengers fly out of the car randomly. Even without speeding or hitting things. Does anyone know a fix? The driver doesn’t fall out… its just the passenger with the issue.

This thread is for feedback and questions, not bug reports.
Please refer back to the issue you created (which I responded to) on GitHub.

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Can you make the chime stop right away after leaving the vehicle without your seatbelt on while the car is still moving?

That seems to be a bug.
I’ll fix that as soon as I can, thank you for your feedback.

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Great release! Question, could you explain = “Citizen.Wait(2e3) & Citizen.Wait(3e3)” ?

Any chance you could support ox_lib?

This would require ox lib to be a hard dependency.
Also, “ox lib support” is redundant, Modern Seatbelt implements itself.

How does it detect if someone is an leo I have 4 depts I want to ensure all 4 can be notified

If the player is in a vehicle from the police category, they will be given a notification of nearby seatbelt-less players. The notification is displayed for any occupant of the police vehicle, driver or passenger.

If you use TFNRP’s (outdated, and frankly should no longer be used) framework, this script will check if the player is on duty instead.

In my opinion, this method is outdated and I will revise this script to use FiveM’s native ACL functions in the future. I’ll update this post when that happens.

sounds good boss looking forward to it


Bug Fixes

  • 90ebc7d Sounds still playing outside of vehicle
  • d00138b Buckle/unbuckle played out of sync when (un)buckling during playback


  • c943413 Add default acl support for leo check


  • 5b6c1aa Use a “default” config and recommend cloning instead
  • 16fe500 Add linting
  • 22aa317 Minimise payload size and payloads should be stateful

Upgrade via git pull (or download manually and replace existing files via drag & drop).

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can you turn off the audio for the beeping?

No, the audio is not configurable.