[Release] Modern Seatbelt

Please read OP.

As a reminder, I am (still) happily accepting feedback and feature requests.
Feel free to spit-ball your ideas, thoughts and feelings on this thread.
If you have more specific or in-depth feedback, please submit this as an issue on GitHub.

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Are you able to make the Seatbelt chime configurable and allow people to use their own image along with their own positioning for the Seatbelt Icon?

All sounds are configurable (in the sense that you can replace the files).
If you have your own SVG, you can replace the seatbelt icon in static/index.html.
You can also change the position of the SVG in static/style.css.

As I’ve explained previously, this is not a supported feature. This type of “configuration” is not and will never be supported because it is simply overkill for something that is easy to do.