[RELEASE] Modern Seat Shuffling Script


This is a very simple client-side script that is a modern version of the “Disable Seat Shuffling” plugin by callmejaf.

This release fixes some of the most common bugs with it, such as:

  • The seat shuffle animation no longer loops / does partial animations
  • Door closing animation works properly now


/seat [seat]

This command will switch your character’s seat to the desired seat.

/shuff (or /shuffle)

Lets the player switch to the driver’s seat (if it is empty)


(v1.1.0) seat-switcher-1.1.0.zip (2.8 KB)

GitHub Repo


This script is licensed under the MIT license. Have fun. The license details are available in the LICENSE file.


Very nice, keep it up.

dat ist gud :smiley:

Nice release mannnnn, i’ll be using it ;D

Thank you guys, this is my first public release and I plan on releasing many more awesome things soon!

Also, let me know if anyone has a possible solution for the hat bug, but I think it’s related to me cancelling ped tasks.

I havent lost my hat yet (well reindeer antlers). How do you normally lose it? Is it on the command switching seats? Or when you do /shuff?

It was occurring for me just when I entered a vehicle, but if it’s working for you then great!

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I think this is happening in every single cars no ? Hat is removed by default no ?

Also, can you tell me if the animation if looping and glitched ? When a player is alone in the car siting on passenger seat ?

I wasn’t sure and I wrote this at like 2am. :sweat_smile:

Like I said, if it works as expected, even better!

No, this release fixes the looped animation glitch by preventing the (seat shuffle) animation from starting in the first place.

head animation is looping in the passenger seat, seems to be a issue with the camera head tracking. workaround would probably be to disable that when in the passenger seat or disable the animation

Head animation? Are you having an issue with a specific resource? Screenshot?

Appreciate it chief.

Unfortunately the animation loops when the ped is in the passenger seat. :frowning:

For anyone wondering how to fix scuffed animations when on passenger seat without a driver, use this instead of SetPedIntoVehicle(PlayerPedId(), veh, 0):

SetPedConfigFlag(PlayerPedId(), 184, true)

It only worked properly for me when running every frame ^

Sorry this not about the script but where is the car from

This issue is fixed in v1.1.0. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

dominator GTX i think.