[Release] ModeratorCar (Not a skin)

Hello today i would like to share my Moderator CAR for your gta5 RP Server.

Spawn name: PD10

Photos: http://prntscr.com/hdx2v2

Install: Drag and Drop and then copie the name in your Server.cfg

Made By FastGamingRP: Director Corentin

More Cars Coming Soon!!!

Need help with the car https://discord.gg/6keCtvN9


awesome job man :slight_smile: keep em coming :slight_smile:

Wow, actually really well done. Do you mind if I ask what ped that is in the picture?

was going to ask the same lol

Sure it’s a cop skin that I reskined if you want I can make another page so that they can download it

that would be awesome im very good at scripting but suuck at designing stuff like this haha

If that’s not a skin, then what is it?

Can we remove the skin and make it undercover at all ?

Yes but you need to edit whit openiv

you can also add multiple liveries more then likely on each car

Yes that would be great, thank you.

whats the spawn code