[Release][MLO] Grove Street house

Hello everyone, I have decided to release that house only after my accident with files of garage…

I fucked them.

So there is house only, I hope you enjoy it.

Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkadLYJsHPE&feature=youtu.be

Download: smokey_grove.rar (17.6 MB)


Looks quite nice

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Thanks for sharing!

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Love It! Do you by chance have the name and coordinates for the doors to add them to esx_doorlocks so they can be locked?

smokey_grove_dvere - front door

position x=-30.56526000 y=-22.47974000 z=-1.40715200
position x=-32.83284000 y=-35.02014000 z=-1.40722300
position x=-27.93140000 y=-26.00684000 z=-1.40722300
position x=-30.14944000 y=-29.70166000 z=-1.40722300
position x=-34.05003000 y=-31.18860000" z=-1.40722300

smokey_grove_zadekdvere - hole door

position x=-27.52364000 y=-35.14172000 z=-1.40161900

Look in the YTYP :wink:

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what is YTYP?

MLO file which is needable to setup MLO :wink:

Not working… choord are wrong

Look in the YTYP