[Release][MLO] Bilingsgate Motel 14 rooms

Hey guys, here’s a motel map with 14 enterable rooms and 8 different room layouts
I’m pretty new to creating mlo interiors, so expect some flaws and imperfections in this map
Feel free to modify it on your own to fit your needs

A sneak preview

The location of the map is 566.92, -1761.42, 29.17
Hope you enjoy it !
Bilingsgate.rar (10.6 MB)


Nice :100:

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Looks good :ok_hand:

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is this the one out in paleto?

It’s down south in the city

ah ok cool, down there in the south central area near a bridge methinks, ill check it out thank you so much for your hard work.

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Love it thank you so much for share, but when i try to enter thers an invisible wall, i can only move the door

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Cause you’re streaming the collision files in another one of your resources

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Yes, i see another map near this, like a gang house, any idea how i can fix this problem?

editing the collisions to fit both

which gang house map are you using? I can try to fix it for you if you need it


Thank you man you are very kind, now i dm you

You should add the windows too, but a great free release man! +rep

Thank you so much for help me with collision problem, you are amazin man!

Hey bud when I get out of the hospital would you mind helping me with this as well? I have 2 separate resources for houses in mirror park and the collisions are making it where I can’t enter the houses from 1 of the resources. If not I totally understand.

I could do it