[RELEASE] Menu and Dialog for ESX

Maybe Im doing this wrong, but I put in the code for the job to be displayed in inventory but it doesnt seem to be working. The job portion pops up but has a long code instead of the actual job. Any advice on how to fix?

I want to create a menu which is opens with Y key with my commands like /showid , /k , /pie /poo etc. how can i do that ?

Thank you.

Great Script!

Did you find out how ? i want to do it too

If you want to move like a job menu i think it can be moved from the client file in the job. Like esx_policejob client.lua or main.lua.

thank you for your work and for sharing

Hey did you get this resolved?

Mine shows as a bunch of code in the inventory menu.image


Since i installed this menu it looks like this:

Can someone help me fix it?

Can someone help me with this error

Anyone mind helping with this? I’m not sure how to explain this but you can tell its not right if someone could help me that would be nice!!

it’s show’s me only white thing…

how can i make this english Screenshot 2020-10-13 220929

I just installed absolutely no problems, thank you for this is. It looks Great

hello did you solve the problem? I have the same problem.