[RELEASE] Material X [PAID]

Material X is opened for production every day at 22:00 and its marker becomes visible.
Marker is deleted from its location 1 hour after the substance is administered. (Before the marker is erased, someone returns and states that the Substance was issued in their case)
Marker does not appear to police and doctors in Material X zone.
Material X is entered, you are stressed, when you exit, you will be notified.
When someone starts production, the time will be the same for all those in the game.
It starts and decreases as 15 minutes. (When the time has elapsed and there is no need to initiate the process of making available to other alternatives)

  • If you drink Material X, your screen will start shaking and enter an effect. (After 1 minute, your character faints)


  • 0.01 except red area
  • 0.02 in the red area
  • 0.05 next to production marker

You can buy this resources at tebex.io

Video: madde_x


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I’m kinda failing to understand what the script does. Is it a drug manufacturing thing? Or what lol?
What’s the use of that “Material X”? Is it standalone/made for a specific framework?
I highly encourage you to enhance the description - the least that does is bring more people to check it out!


an item obtainable through battle when active an illegal substance, you can do whatever you want. use it as underground coin or barter material

Nice product