[RELEASE] Lost MC Garage [3D]


Decided to release this too, really simple garage for lostmc made in 2 hours. Please leave a like for more releases in the future. Enjoy!



Usually The MC house dosn’t have a garage for it, now it does, with a little office, garage and customize / paint area, with 1 door to outside & 2 garage doors


  • Just drag and drop this into your server And put start breze_lostmc in your server.cfg


  • You are not allowed to re release or sell my work.


breze_lostmc.rar (3.5 MB)


Added and went I drive into the compound I fall off the map?

Reconnect to your server after loading the resource. Works fine for me.

did you even restart the server?

That’s actually not even necessary, I slapped it into my production server at peak time because I’m insane. All I needed was to reconnect and it worked wonderfully. Thanks!

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didn’t know that worked, perfect

amazing, Good Job ! :+1:


Wow, really great work here. Thank you so much.

no problem!

nice man! wish I had the smarts to do this kinda stuff

Will have to try this out. I’m trying to make a map and cant get the garage doors to work once its loaded in the server. Any suggestions

Change the flag of the garage door in codewalker

mine or making your own? if your making your own be sure to check flag 0 in codewalker as @all_sor said

It works but creates a lot of connection issues like soloing. Don’t do it.


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Starting a map during a session.

yeah, just do a whole server restart

If I were you I’d put some real credits in there?
Didn’t take me long to find it elsewhere…

I am not the only one who have done this, but i am the one releasing it