[RELEASE] [Lore-Friendly] F1 Teams Outfits Pack

Hey there, ever wanted to be a real F1 pilot ? Now it is possible !
The F1 Team pack is here, and as you know, it’s lore-friendly.

Full outfits for MP MALE and MP FEMALE (helmet, vest, pant and shooes).
Add 10 F1 teams including :

  • Dinka.
  • Benefactor.
  • Dewbauchee.
  • Grotti.
  • Progen.
  • Toundra.
  • Highmen Racing.
  • Vysser.
  • Lampadati.
  • Ubermacht.

Exemple :

Requirements :
A working FiveM server, don’t need any specific framework, it’s standalone.

Configuration :
Just need to put the ressource in your server and ensure it in your server.cfg

Support :
The pack is just adding cloths without replacing any existing cloths, if needed I’m able to help you if you are facing issues !

Download :

  • It’s FiveM Ready by the way.

| Code is accessible | N/A |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Requirements | No|
| Support | Yes |


As an F1 fan, I love this! Hopefully the potential to add textures to create project specific teams/brands works.


Thanks mate, I’m planning to add probably 10 more teams, stay tuned :sunglasses:

Amazing WOW!

I see its your first release, are you planning more?

Hey, of course, I already have around 4/5 pack ready to send :grin:

Btw, for thoses who wonder, it’s not encrypted

I am actually working on a new version ! Stay tuned ! :v:t2:

Working :v:t2:

Would you do some custom ones if I could get you some assets?

Could probably :wink:

which map did you use in your preview :eyes:

Hey there, that’s the Maple Valley Raceway map that I’ve lorefied