Release LoadIPL v1.0

Hi guys i release a LoadIPL for server RP .

Link :!ULpjRSQS


  • loadipl

and Enjoy =)

Key : !8pvclGEObnAPEbWxRBGRsWBzKPVwNPQQkz6lRzWn4qE

End of the week I add the double of IPL :wink:

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Key mega ??? We need it

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Sorry for bug… It’s good :wink:

why are you copying someone else’s release?

To copy a version of somebody else? Thus I have just created this list your comment is useless thank you

you literally released something that’s already been released

To begin the line of code it is the friend who to give her to me then the list has was edité completely by me even thus open the file before holding false words would be more suitable on it good evening thank you

whats the difference between this one and the one ProtoFate linked?

the only difference it holds is one has more IPL’s linked while the other doesnt

so this one has more IPL’s?

yes it does and for some reason he thinks just cuz of that he can reupload it

Oh ok, thank you. About that admins will decide i suppose

Providing more IPL’s in the script does not make it a brand new release. Use the original release topic to expand and discuss.