[Release] LiveMap

rename live_map\example_client folder on your server resources a “client” and his start work 100%

Where can I set the default language?

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Just put your prefered language at the top of the translations/manifest.json file.

I have already done that, but still English is displayed at default startup language

You probably need to clear your browser cache for the website. Or, to test if it’s worked: open it up in a private tab.

If it still doesn’t default to your language, it’s probably detecting English as the brower’s default language. In which case, switching to your prefered language via the menu will change it.

Changing it via the menu works, but it is not saved either, if that should happen. The language of my browser, as well as my entire Windows environment is set in the appropriate language. And in general I load pages without cache to avoid display errors, even in an incognito tab this doesn’t work, it always sets the local storage “lang” with the value “en”, no matter how often I reload the page without cache or remove the session entry.

Hmm… Yes, it should be setting the “lang” to the language you select in the menu. If it’s not then, it sounds like a bug. I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

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