[Release] LiveMap

Did you ever make a video on how to install?

and also do i need to use Xampp? I Have No Clue On How It Works?

Working on it. Had some issues with my microphone and trying to find the right time to record :slight_smile:

Nope. Xampp is just a bundle of software which includes the “Apache” webserver.
If you want to use the interface then you will need a webserver to host the files. If you’re comfortable with NGINX then you can use that. If you want to use a website hoster then, you can (you will not be able to use HTTPS though, unless the hoster sets up reverse proxies for you).

I keep getting this. Any idea?

I keep getting the error getting config

Heya! I’ve used the livemap resource for a long time and always worked like a charm. I recently updated it, and it gives me no errors at all for the resource, and web interface, but the player count is always 0, and players are not loaded on the map. Any idea on this?