[Release] Lightbar Menu Script: Attatch Lightbars to ANY vehicle w/ Sirens

I’ve noticed that problem but, I am currently working on storing the lightbars but will update you if I find any information about that.

same, have you found out?

Can you help me with that? I have the same problem

I never tried for myself because I removed the script but you’ll probably need to get Zmodeler and a license and export the lightbars you find that you want

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how did you make them work for the script?
or how did you import/install them

I can’t pay with paypal so I cant get a license, can you help me?

no they are not :smiley: they are perfect

Hey can someone help me that you can open the menu with a command outside of the zones (So on the whole map) But only with the Police job.

make sure your trying it at one of the stations as shown in this image https://forum.cfx.re/uploads/default/optimized/4X/3/9/5/395db5cb04ce88625951e94a1b8b3680c56724bb_2_500x500.jpeg

I can’t help with that sorry

What files for the lightbar are required for the script to work with it

How do i make the colors only blue and blue and not red and blue?

You have to go to lightbars > stream and then choose the lightbar you want to modify. Open the ytd file with open IV, export the bluelight texture and recolor it, after that import the dds file bakc into the ytd file and upload it into the stream folder again.

For custom lightbars you need the following files:

In this example lightbar means the name of the lightbar file

I saw this script 8 weeks ago and I was wondering if there was a similar script for singleplayer, or a way to run fivem scripts in singleplayer.