[Release] Lightbar Menu Script: Attatch Lightbars to ANY vehicle w/ Sirens

How can I do it for ESX and where do I have to do it if(ESX.TriggerServerCallback(‘esx_service:isInService’, function(isInService)) then insert

love this but cant flip the lights for some reason and think it would be cool to be able to choose the lightbars from the police cars on the roof

Did you find out?

i have a lightbar that works however it crashes when i spawn it, howd you do yours

Either You have the Configuration Wrong or the Model itself has a problem.

Incredible script. Works perfectly! Just note, this must be done at the police station, and you have to ensure both the resources that come with this script I added lights to the ambulance helicopter and it looks so nice.

Is there a way to add own lights to the Menu or Replace the other ones?

how can i change the button to open this and where

How do you add it?

In your server batch file. Add +set sv_enforceGameBuild 2060

how do i make the menu only open for the group Politi-Job it is on vrp

You need to find in VRP documentation what is the code to get player’s job name and then you put if statement after the control is pressed if a player got the job then open the menu else do nothing. Because I don’t use VRP I can’t help you more.

i need help that only police officer can open it