[RELEASE]Lauren Lottery Draw

Hello everyone, With this script, you can gave gifts, vehicles, money, etc. on your server. You can do the draw easily.
With this, you can reduce the money economy on your server.


  • It saves the data to the people who buy the ticket…
  • You can delete the saved tickets from the menu…
  • The main winner and the reserve winner are determined at random.
  • A config file that you can adjust very easily.
  • /lotterymenu for admins.

:arrow_right: Showcase Video :arrow_left:
:arrow_right: Free Download :arrow_left:

looks cool

Thanks bro

The script has become free.

hi , sir this version stanalone or qbcore?

For qbcore

ok thank you sir

Free scripts must include a direct download link please add one.

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I couldn’t add it because I converted it to free later, and tebex is already free

bro i keep emailing you about the download for the version i paid for can you please email me back its been so many weeks!

BROOOO can you please send me the files i keep emailing you about it and you’re not responding to me