[Release] Kngs vehicle packs

This is a thread for all my current and upcoming vehicle packs. It’s pretty simple …


The first thing i did in the new update was add the stupidest thing i could find :smiley:

This pack currently only contains the Metal Slug SV-001 / SV-002, But i’m releasing it anyways as it contains a code sample for the .NET runtime. Source, Original “yMetalSlugA_afterburner.cs”

Vehicles spawn names:

  • yMetalSlugA - A tiny tank, Has afterburners!
  • yMetalSlugB - Same as A but uses a diffrent tires


How to use these

It’s pretty simple :slight_smile:
Go into Vehicle Options > Vehicles Spawner and select Enter Name Manually


Neat! Could you post the source code for the .NET example, though?

Done! Thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:


if im not mistaken this only works with ADD ONS correct ?

but… this is an add-on in itself, of course an add-on only works with add-ons?

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If this is related to the new update. Why do you keep posting stuff at the wrong places :frowning:

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yea but its all about the metas and all that needs to be all written properly

but this topic is about a mod, just post in the update topic or the support section :question:

Why is everyone elements? BTW thank you @Kng :slight_smile:

all matter in the universe consists of elements, sorta… so you’re elements too

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Really cool and fun! Wish there was more stuff like this around.

There’s coming some more vehicles soon :tm:

awesome, wow cool please keep us in the loop.

Download is down, not able to download, and the preview does not work

The OP has been contacted. Keep in mind this is a two year old post, a lot of things have changed.

Not even sure if these work anymore. I guess I’m requesting the thread to be closed.