[Release] JScoreboard | Alternative Player List | v1.1


JScoreboard is a customizable scoreboard alternative to the default scoreboard. Press Z to view the scoreboard, which will remain visible for 5 seconds. Customizable options include:

  • Displaying wanted level
  • Displaying voice activity
  • Displaying player ID
  • Activator button
  • Display time length

Options can be modified by editing scoreboard.lua.

Download on Github


Thanks for this one, question, how can you change the trigger button from Z to something else?

Simply edit scoreboard.lua, line 74. Replace the 20 with a different key binding. Also, note that the key is tied to an action. See: https://wiki.■■■■■■■■■■■/index.php?title=Game_Controls

You can see that 20 corresponds to MultiplayerInfo, which is Z by default. Hopefully the rest makes sense!

been searching for this info, thanks for the post :stuck_out_tongue:

@ash Hey! I’d like to change this a bit to have the user id in brackets after the name.

line47: AddTextComponentString( GetPlayerName( v ) )

I know it is something like:


but i do not know how to format it with the quote marks and such, could you help? :confused:

Sure! The Lua operator for string concatenation is “…”

To make the modification you want, change line 47 to the following:

AddTextComponentString( “[” … GetPlayerServerId( v ) … "] " … GetPlayerName( v ) )

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Thank you! Looks great btw, I like that it looks like the official one! :slight_smile:


On one of my computer, I have this error with your script:

[119029187] Error resuming coroutine: scoreboard.lua:76: attempt to concatenate a boolean value
stack traceback:
	scoreboard.lua:76: in upvalue 'DrawPlayerList'
	scoreboard.lua:129: in function <scoreboard.lua:113>

It’s very strange, I have two computer and the first work fine but the second show this error…

I pressed z and nothing shows up I put both folders on the resources and define them on the .yml file

I’ve applied a temporary fix for the issue. Redownload as necessary

Work well now, thanks!

Doesnt work, dropped it into my resources and added to the server ymt. nothing shows up when i press z

Player ID doesn’t seem to be working?

EDIT - Nothing is :confused:

dans votre script Jscoreboard, est il possible afficher autre chose que le nom?
je voudrais par example afficher le contenu d’une table de la base de donnée.
c’est possible?

In your Jscoreboard script, is it possible to display anything other than the name?
I would like to display the contents of a table in the database.
it’s possible?

u should make a tuto because a lot of people say it’s don’t work

Can you help with moving this scoreboard to the center display… under chat window is a bad spot and hard to see player IDs or names

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Okay, after messing around with the code, I got it to the way I like it.

So, if you want to have ID be in the list conditionally, then go to line 74 on the code and then change it to the following:

--ID Check
if Settings["PlayerID"] == true then
	AddTextComponentString("[" .. GetPlayerServerId( v ) .. "] " .. GetPlayerName( v ) )
	AddTextComponentString(GetPlayerName( v ) )

So therefore on line 6: set to either true to display it or false to not display the id.

	["PlayerID"] = true,

Then enjoy!

Some player are INVALID how can i fix this?