[Release] [JS] Radio

I don’t think you completely understand what Rockstar’s support has said, this will affect the JS radio script because it uses copyrighted music from real radio stations, and this will affect it.

Oh I understand, but will FiveM still allow it on the platform tho under their new TOS coming next week? We don’t know only time will tell is all I am saying.

FiveM is just a modification, and technically if FiveM doesnt follow what Rockstar has updated, FiveM will get shut by Take-Two.

Thus with music being a factor into this issue, it will affect this mod cause it cannot be real-world brands.

:rofl: :rofl: You not realized or been around FiveM since the beginning of time?

Take2 have tried to take down FiveM serval times and failed cause they thought they were using online code in their modification and failed to do so as FiveM provided that they are using Singleplayer code so they can’t do anything. So yeh take2 ain’t going to do much but fail again

For me it completely stopped working couple weeks ago, maybe there was fivem update what disabled this?

  • I can see the custom radios I made (and worked in past, tested MP3 urls they works).
  • Non custom radios still producing music
  • Custom radios doesnt produce any music :frowning:

i love the script but i noticed the NON custom radio stations are not synced between players…i got 2 custom radio stations, both work perfectly fine and synced between players. however i left some of the original radios on cuz i do love the gta musics, but those are not synced between players. am i doin somethin wrong ?! any fix on that? also is there a way to set the custom radios on some of the static emitters?!

Does someone have a working version ? Or how can this be solved ?

wym working version this is working you have a couple ways to setup of you read the post

i prefer using azure cast to host the radio stations

me to