[RELEASE] JouBot v2 (Logs System)

Hi everyone. I’ve been hard at work lately to create a comprehensive enough log script that it can log everything and send it nice and detailed to Discord. In order not to make you more spoilers I leave you below its features and some attached images of how everything is in Discord.

• Features:

  • Check that all webhooks and data are valid for your use.

  • Possibility of having all the logs in a single channel or in all channels that you want.

  • It has two triggers to be able to log any event of any script.

  • You can send the logs in a simple text line (Simple Trigger) or in embed format (Embed Trigger).

  • Possibility of leaving a date and time stamp in all the logs sent.

  • Language system (Currently only Spanish and English)

  • Log In / Out Features:

    • Color system in case it is an log in, an log out, a kick, a ban or a timeout.
    • Steam avatar load and direct access via link to the user’s steam profile.
    • Information of all necessary data when entering the server.
  • Kill’s Features:

    • All the necessary information on who kills whom and the type of weapon.
    • Editable weapon types labels.
  • Start / Stop / Refresh Features

    • Knowledge of when a resource is started or stopped on the server.
    • When a refresh of the server resources is executed, it is logged.
  • Trigger’s Features

    • Record of any data from any script and sent to discord.
    • Possibility of putting titles, links, colors, images, etc. and sending them.
    • Possibility to load the default image from the server or the avatar of steam users.

For more exact information on everything the script does is detailed in Discord.

• Requirements:

  • Steam API Key
  • ESX
  • Discord Server (With active Discord WebHooks)

• Pictures:



The captures for testing have been taken from a Spanish server (Afterlife).

• Buy info:

  • Price: 11.99 EUR
  • Buy link: Here :heart:

For more information talk to me on PM

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Are you seriously charging 12 euros for this?


That is a very simplistic version of the script that I have made. Because in that script you can’t customize anything and in mine yes, apart from the fact that it is much better designed and optimized from what I’m seeing. Although I do not want to enter into controversy the truth. Who is interested in buying it.

Pure lies, you can customize whatever you want, it’s open source.

Also, first mistake you’ve made is use username to log shootings.
Also, coords are now vector3 mainly, you should start using that, since the way you’ve got the coords in your log looks like a really old discord log script.

But hey, good luck with sales.


Idk why buy this when JD_logs exists. You can customize everything and is free. As @hypr9xa, I don’t see a real difference.


ive heard only great things about JD logs!