[Release] JD_PlayerID


Player ID/Name with Ace permission based staff tag.



  • /staff – Toggle Staff Tag (needs ace permission jd.staff)
  • /seeTags – Toggle tag viable trough walls (needs ace permission jd.staff)
  • /showTags – Toggle player tags client side


  • Place the JD_playerID folder in your Resource folder
  • add ensure JD_playerID to youre server.cfg
  • add ace permissions to people wo need to be able to use /staff and /seeTags
    • add_ace group.admin jd.staff allow
  • start your server


Nice release! Would also be nice to see a function which triggers the event when holding down a button, instead of a toggle function :stuck_out_tongue:
Comes in handy for those fast action moves.

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nice really love it :smiley: i will test it over the next few days in my community

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awesome script, is there a way to make multiple tags?

Am I able to toggle names for just admins to see overhead player names? And also does this work with OneSync? Because I was having troubles getting it to work.

ye :slight_smile: works with onesync

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There is no option to just show it for admins.
And yes it works with onesync

Does it work with onesync infinity ?

not tested

Where can I change the Font/Size of the printed text?

Since im using MpGamerTag to make the text you can’t change the size.

What about the font?

Nope sorry, its not drawing text, it’s using rockstar games player tags

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Ah, okay thanks. Good release :+1:

How can I let only the ID and not the name show

Could anyone help me please to get the ESX Firstname/Lastname as shown name? I dont know to call the specific name into the loop. Would be extrem happy if somebody could give me a hint :smiley:

Not but this is easy to make.

Change GetPlayerName(iPed) to the ESX charachter names. you’ll need to call them somehow with ESX

Yes you can remove the GetPlayerName(iPed)

Its working fine, but the ID’s shown in the script are not the actual database ID’s. Wow can o fix it?

Note: Im using onesync Infinity, could it be the problem?

it’s using current server id

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