(Release) Insane Cyber Drag (Hoonicorn Swap)

This is my first model I have made with Z3d so don’t come at me.

Download link: here

Download instructions:
1.Download car
2.Drag and drop car into resources on server
3.Start the resource

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that window do be looking weird do


Can’t really tell from the photos but are the red and blue ring like the positive/nagetive poles instead of air intake? If so, the idea is awesome.

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Files missing

what files were missing?

Try to cut a whole out in the hood for the engine, if you dont know how just delete the hood in whole it would look like 100% better

Ya the hood is actually a non selectable option so I would have to polygon delete it.

Gotchaa, Yeah I’m not great at ZMOD lol. i’m just going to stick with coding lul