[RELEASE] Ikipm_Bus AI system

Script Information
Ikipm bus is an NPC system that allows people in FiveM RP servers to have an easy and cheap way to move across the city. There are different bus stations where you can select a predefined destination.


  • Stations around the whole map.
  • Fully customable in config.lua file.
  • Different languages.



  1. Clone the repo or download the .zip
  2. Extract the .zip and place ikipm_bus on your ESX script folder
  3. Add start ikipm_bus to your server.cfg

Download (GitHub)



The download link redirect to a tebex dealer script

Solved. Thanks.

is working good, nice release

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what version of es-extended is needed like esx v1 or new or older? or any?
like does it matter what version or any of them is good?

I’m running it with version 1, I didn’t test in any other version, but I hope it will work too.


First Thank you. This is amazing.

can I prevent the bus from opening from the outside?

Because you have to think that not everyone uses it for good. Trolls

I’m not sure if that’s possible, but I will look how can I make something like that work.

Can’t you just do SetVehicleDoorsLockedForAllPlayers(vehicleName, true)?

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It could be a good way to solve it. Thanks :wink:

Thanks for contributing. I just upload it to GitHub repository.

Of course you also have to think about trolls.
But in that case it has to be fixed, I think it’s okay that not everything is made in it, so we have to work with it a bit :smiley:

Glad to help!



please make it qbcore supported