[Release] Hypnonema - Media Player Resource (Twitch,YouTube and more) [C#]

It’s good !

Guys everything is working and so on , but i have an issue where the movie even on volume 100 is too low. Im using Pma-voice if it could be the issue. Any tips on how to raise the volume above 100?

Actually i found out how to raise the volume , when you uncheck the 3d volume on screen settings , 3 more options popup , volume something(can’t remember what) if closer to 0 it will be louder , try not to put it on 0 because its pretty loud try with 5 , the other 2 options are how near and how far can be heard of the screen.

Can any one give me the screen options XYZ :smiley: ?

Hi there,

Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to change the location of set the location for hypnonema-map?
example: Instead of it being on the beach, have it at Diamon Casino Car Park.

or is there a way to make additional screens just like there is on the beach so we can freely locate them where we want them?

i’ve tried codewalker29 with no luck.

any help would be much appreciated

Thanks in advance

Very nice update!! unfortunately you can’t change the volume anymore :frowning:

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A way to Sync multiple screens together would be amazing, I’ve set up the Vinewood Bowl with 3 screens and it looks amazing but the screens are very hard to sync up.

Hey for some reason the scipt doesnt load as it is…if I move the fxmanifest to the main folder it does but then nothing works. I have it to run as it states in the .cfg but when I look to see if resource running it shows it is not. As well I cant start it as its not found. Seems as though there is no file to load. Im sure this is a simple thing I missed. Thanks for anyone with guidence as the old version had it in the main folder. Thanks to all!!! Love the script

What was it?

How would i change the resolution when playing on the cinema screen?

Could someone provide me with a very basic example of how to export the resource data with a command?

I have tried to do a basic command to get the list of screens, but I get this error.

SCRIPT ERROR: citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:867: No such export getScreenList in resource hyponema

I have tried with this simple script.


RegisterCommand("sorienrot", function()

AddEventHandler("sorienrot:troll", function()
    print "aaaaa"
    --exports.hypnonema:play("Galaxy 1", "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq-w4JIsGLo")
    local screens = json.decode(exports.hypnonema:getScreenList())
    print screens

I have one error.
Can someone helps me?

i cant make new screens I’m admin and i have even tried turning it on for everyone to edit but nothing works it just dose not add new screen to list ever can someone help me with this ?

Why is the LOD for this so insane?

Hi I installed the plugin on QB-Core and it worked nicely for a while now we updated qbcore and hypnonema and it says that we are not permitted to play videos on a screen or edit screens, despite we are admins and I also tried to make it possible for everyone and with the specific admin group of qbcore but nothing works it says everytime that we are not permitted. Does anyone have a fix for that?

This is absolutely genius, literally one of the best scripts out there, how is this not in every server, best script I have so far, or atleast one of the top

sick man

same issue