[RELEASE] Halloween Pack [v1.0]

Halloween Pack

This pack contains a loading screen with an auto-play audio over it + an In-game Weather and Style as shown in the ScreenShot




you can change the music file in here.
<audio autoplay>
  <source src="audio1.mp3"> --here


Next Major features:

  • If the players connect to the server , they will only have Stone hatchet and over on skin for
  • Added props to the map

hmm new account



the loading screen is just https://github.com/ThatZiv/z-loadscreen but modified

you cant really call the client code “stolen” though, the code is nothing complex and is literally just a few natives thrown together

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im just see https://runtime.fivem.net/doc/natives/ for Weather

And Loading screen for Halloween theme.
Orginal: [Release] z-loadscreen - A Pretty Decent Loading Screen

im fix Sound in loading screen and delete slide. and add images and effects

Do not try to destroy anyone

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Thank you for understanding @James_Jackson

You should at least credit the author of the original resource, though.

I forgot and thank you for reminding me.

I do not sell this resource and only share it for free for fivem Community

That’s a good point, the source is on GitHub, and he has specified no license, meaning its under No License, so permission would be needed to share this.

Unlisted the post until permission from @thatziv has been given to use the loading screen