[RELEASE] H-Vshop - Vehicle Shop System for ESX-Legacy

Hey, this would be amazing if you could add support for multiple vehicle types within one shop (sports, super etc.) and also option to rotate the camera.

hi can you make job vehicle shop like for police and ambulance

and also add grade for specific vehicle ??

Hi, after the purchase the NUI don’t close, how to fix?

New Update released on GitHub:

  • Added Loading for vehicles (Seems like it had issues with modded vehicles.)
  • Added Category system (Vehicle shops are now able to have multiple categories)
  • Added Test Drive system (Uses routing buckets to place players in a unique bucket to test drive a vehicle for a specific time amount)


cant change vehicle, multiple of one have spawned in, cant get off screen without stopping script
no errors in console

Hello, the script does not work properly, seems like JS error, mind looking into it ?

JS Error? Was working fine without any issues tested multiple times :slight_smile:

If you are having a error please upload a image with the error message, because I’m getting no bugs or issues using the vehicle shop in a test environment or in a server

No error, the UI doesn’t show up, sorry for not specifying

Same issue, no UI, and have to restart script to move again

I am asking for help when I want to enter my shop
script error aattempt to index a nil value (global ‘ESX’)

Update your ESX to the newest version. Since the vehicle shop uses the export method of getting the ESX Functions :slight_smile:

@mikigoalie are you downloading the script from the releases section?

On newest esx and doesnt work

The new release with the bug fix has been released, please can you try using it now :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

E: Seems to work now

Is there a way to get category of selected vehicle? For handling prices etc. Id like to use it as VIP shop as well