[RELEASE] GTA IV Playboy X Interior

Download: https://github.com/GTA-DPS/GTA-V-Interiors/wiki/Public-Releases

Here is conversion of Playboy X’s Penthouse. I’ve redone the lighting from scratch and also have done the vertex coloring completely from scratch.




You can see into the eternal abyss…

Hello bro thanks for sharing ! :slight_smile:
This is MLO ?
Coords for entering or teleport please

(x = -906, y = -456, z = 150)

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Actual download link because OP linked it weirdly.

Thanks dude

Its Awesome, thank you

Nice MLO interior, thank you…

Awesome interior @DPSGTA! I did clone this and place the interior as 30 separate apartments in one building in Los Santos City Center. I’ll post it here if someone else is interested in this.



Thanks !!! :innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent:

Hello bro Your work is beautiful and I love it but I also use Pillbox and when I put your mapping I try to return to the hospital and it puts me both cones in transparent colisions and the doors of Pillbox in transparent colision also .
An update with correction of problem is possible on your part please ??


Just delete the file


I dont remember why that file even was there lol, i think i was thinking about making the apartment next to pillbox an apartment building also. I updated github. Thanks for noticing!

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I thank you very much for this efficient and quick response. Do you think to do another building again or not? Simple question because I know dev but the mapping I know absolutely nothing and I know that it is a heavy job so I am happy to find such sharing in the community because the apartments are pretty good for the rp

Sorry for my English I do not speak it I go through google translate to communicate I am French

Hey, I’m new to adding stuff into my server and when I teleport over there my FiveM crashes and I get a pool size = 256 issue. Anyone know what’s up with that?