[RELEASE] Global Chat Remover + OOC

Welcome to my first post. :grin:

I made a little standalone utility that removes global chat in FiveM servers, very suitable for RP servers.

It also adds a config file where you can enable/disable an OOC chat that triggers when you don’t type any command in the chat, so anything you type in the chat will be formatted as OOC.

I know there are plenty of chat alternatives out there, but I didn’t find any simple script that only adds that functionality and plug & play, so I made it. With this small solution, you can easily combine it with other scripts and frameworks without breaking functionalities.

Currently, these are the configurable values:

-- Enable OOC Chat, if false all options below won't take effect
Config.EnableChatOOC = true -- Default: true

-- Prefix and color
Config.Prefix = 'OOC | ' -- Default: 'OOC | '
Config.PrefixColor = { 0, 0, 255} -- Default: { 0, 0, 255}

-- Change chat distance or make it global
Config.ChatDistance = 20.0 -- Default: 20.0
Config.EnableGlobalOOC = false -- Default: false

Here the files:


Nice little release. Shuld be moved to #development:releases

Thanks! I think I can’t because I’m not Trust Level 2

Beautiful :hugs:

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Nice work :grinning:

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For me it shows two messages when I use this script. It shows one with no prefix, the other has OOC at the start.

You have any other chat script otherwhise than FiveM default?

just one that deletes misspelt commands

Can you share what chatbox script you are using on that screenshot? It looks clean

Hi, it’s called “chat-theme-gtao”, it already comes with the default FiveM server installation, try to enable it in server.cfg

Hi, any support with ESX? I want the local ooc to look like this:

(([Player ID] Character Name: Message…))
Character Name says: Message…

I’m new to this coding stuff so if you can help me out here I’ll appreciate it.