[Release] GeorgesSandy - A Lightweight Urban Sandy Shores Map Mod (YMAP)

Ever just wanted a more modern looking Sandy Shores but without all the huge bamboo trees removing 16^999^999 frames per second on your server. Well, this is a fine solution, so far I’ve added white street lights and lightweight house models to East Joshua Road, there are some extra palm trees throughout the Sandy estate, and most intersections have nice fancy lamps on them.


I do plan to make more maps in the future as i enjoy it and feel that lighting can really convey a mood in certain areas of the map. If you wanna see anything from me just comment and ill decide the best ideas and work on them tomorrow. Or if you have improvement advice then comment that and ill go reload the xml and make your desired changes - then post as 1.1

GeorgesSandy.ymap (7.5 KB)


Upload the pictures to the forums, instead of using discord picture links :stuck_out_tongue: Some networks block images from these links…

Updated :wink:

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1 screenshat?

thats what im saying and its at night

@George_V Please add some more screenshots that are in the day! Thank you - All Of Us

yes sir

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Done (5charz)

Thank you so much, this was much needed.

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Okay nice to hear that you want to make more maps

but if i’m going to say the truth to you it is a bit much to many houses and to many lights would be cool to se 1 version where it is a smaller version where there is not that many houses like you have now it is a bit to much

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This is a cool map i tried it on my server it looked very good; Nice Job! :+1: | Also i was looking forward to making my own maps but dont know how to

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Map editor, on gta sp, create your map. Export to XML, you tool to convert to ymap.

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codewalker, no need to use gta sp. plus you can edit other ymaps to your liking.

Can you make a club here too? SS needs more clubs :smiley:

Good job

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Looks very good! Keep up the great work! Probably add a few more screenshots!

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other then some of the homes not properly placed on the ground this is good.

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If you could fix this issue, there is a light post that is placed underground for some reason and part of it is sticking out of the ground. Its near yellow jack on the corner of Panorama Dr // US. Route 68.

How lightweight is lightweight? Has anyone used this on a full 32 slot server with no performance issues? Looks nice.

Looks neat, thanks mate.