[RELEASE] Gas Mask Script v2.5 (NON-ESX)

works as described! great script 10/10. thank you for the free release!

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I put this in right after the execution of the script, but I still get that I am not certified. I didn’t make any edits to the file. Anything I’m missing?

Disregard as the instructions do not include both having the script in quotes or the allow command.

I wasn’t aware of how specific I should make it. Apologies!

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No worries. It’s always good to have specific documentation, especially for people like me who are learning this on the fly!

I have 20 years of IT experience, but not in programming. I can figure out things here and there, but I do need lots of help!!!

I will take this into note. Thanks for the feedback

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ADDED THIS to server.cfg…

add_ace builtin.everyone “perms.gasmask” allow
add_ace group.everyone “perms.gasmask” allow

Now it works for everyone!


Can you try to make it so when you take the mask off it changes in to the mask that was worn before i put the gas mask on

How would i go about adding another type of damage to be prevented by the mask? Currently it doesn’t protect players from the tear gas launcher we use

any way to make this work for BZ gas too?

Any way to make this work for BZ gas

It already does.

You would have to make your own modifications to the script. I do not give support for modification of the script.