[Release] Functional Pala Springs Aerial Tramway

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Hi. so i currently downloaded your file and was having issues were i couldn’t get off. or syncing issues how can we possibly send you over what we have done if this helps your self and other people?

Hello, this Plugin works fine by me, but can u make it work, that more than 1 Person can drive it? Because it looks realy wierd, when more then 1 drives it

we cant get out from the cabine. we must leave server or /restart fivem-aerial-tramway then he is away and we can move…

Same here, any solutions?

Thax its working

Also this to working

The moment we go out, we can not go out and freeze and the doors remain closed.?

A set of Pull Requests by imustafa888 have been merged:

Fix the issue where cable cars stop in IDLE state and doors dont open

Speed and acceleration changes
Increase car speed and add acceleration/deceleration when leaving and approaching stations so that the car will gracefully depart and arrive to destinations

Making doors open and close gracefully
Doors open/close “animation”

Show blips
Showing optional blips on the map for current tram location


you find a fix for this

I did a temporary fix that involved the use of spawning NPC peds that look like the actual players and attaching them to the aerial tram car at the exact spot where the players are, and hiding the actual player peds on client side.

Once the player disembarks, the NPC ped is deleted and the actual player ped is made visible again.

Is there a way to optimize the script? it runs at 0.32-0.42 ms

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Hello! It has been a year since your post but I managed to optimize a bit reducing from 0.15-0.18ms which came per default to 0.04ms on movement by adding 20ms of wait in the thread, I also separated in another thread the Control movement forever

while true do
Wait(20) → This is major update.
for ccIndex, cablecar in next, CABLE_CARS do

Hope that helps :wink:

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How do I rewrite it??

so i know this has been out awhile but i am experiencing a new problem where there are two cable cars on each side and when one passes through the other it glitches the player out of the cablecar