[Release] Fullscreen YouTube loading screen

Add these params to the end of your link, Google gives an example.

Also while I’m here, if anyone is having issues getting videos to play with the result being “Video unavailable” double check that the video does not have any copyrighted music in it.
If it does, it will not play through this (something to do with it being embedded).

its easy open the config file using notepad or Visual studio and put your server name and discord link there

Well yes, its controls=0; (which is also in the code)

Ive seen this: check the link, everything youll put in after Autoplay wont do anything, if youd remove autoplay, you could hide controls, for some reason this doesnt go together (makes no sense honestly)

Ah, Got it :slight_smile: Please add an &.

Like this

Bro its 2 years ago :smiley: :smiley: But thank you

:DDD i was confused with it aswell buddy :wink:


Any ideia why ?

same thats happening to me for every video