[Release] FRFuel+ (Mobile Fuel Trucks & Fuel for Helicopters)

Permission to release an edited variant of your script? handheld.

I’m ok with it, ask @thers too.

Encase that guy doesn’t release it do you plan on releasing a handheld variant of this, It would litterally blow up and become the best thing ever :smiley:

This is created for my server so unsure if it will work for yours. Here is the file your good to edit to your liking. I dev in BCDOJO so feel free to edit full perms to :wink:


this does not work just tried in my test server

like I said created for the server I dev so tweak it a little bit to your liking. It wont be much to edit in order to get working.

can you make the script so you need to stand outside of the vehicle to refueling, and make it ESX please and thank you :slight_smile:

Did you ever figure this out? A CRF bike I have is doing the same thing. Immediately drains it.

Woukd it be possible to code this so you have to exit the vehicle, similar to how Legacy Fuel works


Great Release :clap::clap:

Any reason why the fuel bar is flashing two different places on the screen?

I have installed it like it says and it works fine, but the fuel bar is just bugging out for me nonstop.

any solutions?

so I switched to this FRFuelplus to see if it would fix the problem i was having with FRfuel, but doesn’t seem to fix it only in the last couple days has my fuel gauge disappeared rest of the script works as it should, i still run out of fuel and can still refill, i just dont have a gauge anymore, anyone else with this problem? havnt swtiched anything with the file or any resources lately. we have fuel gauge normaly right above the minimap. FRfuel|689x387

Utilizing exports.frfuel:getCurrentFuelLevel() in Lua code does not work. (The resource folder is named frfuel as well…

Any API to get the current fuel level as well as set it? I checked the code and saw the exports, but they don’t work.

Thank you.

anyway this could be coded so a player has to get out there car to refuel so its more realistic

will there be fuel for boats?

I’m trying to install that extra freightliner you linked, but when I place it in resources and edit the server.cfg and add in the addon file of vmenu the name of the vehicle, ingame i get ‘‘the vehicle is unavailable. Contact the server owner and check if the vehicle is streamed correctly’’.

not possible to change the fuel bar position?

Hey man!, If you could help with this it would be great. Whenever I start your resource, the fuel bar is functional but in the error menu is indicates that the gas station location files are “null”. If anyone could help it would amazing!

This is great and works perfectly on my server. However, I’m using a different HUD than the default and would like to be able to move the fuel gauge. It seems like the only option for that would be to figure out how it works in the source and then recompile the whole thing. Is it possible to move the fuel hud location and size to the config file? Thanks again for a great plugin

Anyone know how to get airplanes to work? The reason I ask is due to the fact airplanes don’t work, but only helicopters.