[RELEASE] [FREE] [vRP 1.0] Syn_userInfo ( get information about the user )

Check all user info's with command

Main Features

  • Returns user identifiers such as discord, ip, license, user_id, steam link, steamhex
  • returns player data like inventory, weapons, cars, money and stats

Using it

  • Make sure you started the resource on your server
    and run the command UInfo [ID]

  • This is what it will return


Download it and ensure it👍


When are you eating my ass monkey? Nicely done.

Still waiting for subnautica


This gave me an idea: Make a bot for discord, add a command that request all player info (even if the player is offline) Of course the IP would be disabled! Also it would be interesting to do this for ESX!

Probably im gonna make the esx version tomorrow


please <3

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Let us know when you do this?

yep i will let u guys know here

hi i am getting error when ever i type UInfo id it wont show any thing i setted the webhook as well

i use this in esx let me know hoe to make this work in esx

there are some vRP functions that ESX doesn’t have it, i need ot take a look at the docs