[Release] [Free] Voice Range System

Hello, today I decided to take 5 minutes out of my day to create this simple script that uses speaker emojis and displays them on the screen based on the voice distance of the player. I’ve seen someone sell something similar to this for like $10 but I’m releasing this for free.


  • Easily configurable
  • The speaker becomes a little smaller when you speak.
  • Speaker hud
  • Circle around you showing how far your voice can reach.
  • FREE

Image preview:

Video preview:

Download link:


Thank you so much for this post!

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You’re welcome

RedRum ain’t gonna like this one. :rofl:


Dude makes the most basic scripts

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love the originality :neutral_face:

wdym he made a remade a simple script that was $10


im guessing you bought redrums script lol?

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its better than $10 one

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no… i downloaded the other 15 scripts that do this

Then don’t use it, i simply created this because a lot of people was asking me too and the only one I could find is the one a person was selling for $10.

Do you mean this in a bad way?

I mean redrum

nice script… but all keybind is in Config files… but you forgot to put the config.lua in the folder :slight_smile:

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Thanks, but the way I made it is you can just configure everything in client.lua it would be kinda unnecessary to make a whole new file just for the a few lines of config.

looks good

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Amazing work Andyyyyy!

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