[RELEASE] [FREE] szi_vendingmachine


Hello from the Sub-Zero Interactive Team,
This is a simple script that allows you to buy soda’s & rob vending machines using fivem-target or bt-target


Github: szi_vendingmachine

fivem-target OR bt-target


Other Releases


5 Dependencies :open_mouth: but great overall.

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Yeah it’s hard to have a script with little dependencies when you use progbars and notifications

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whit the props it’s more esay to use, no need Dependencies

Could add a config for them so the dependencies (most of them anyway) are optional?

good job ! you great again =) i follow you my bro

I like your hud :heart:

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ev_hud :wink:

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if i use this and install fivem target will it effect any other scripts or just this one?

Some other scripts have support for it, same with bt target, should all work together

Hey im having an issue getting this to work with bt-target
this keeps popping up in chat whenever i try to access the vending machine https://i.imgur.com/rpsreFS.png any support thanks?

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Iv never seen that before, are you sure its due to our script?

do you recommend one or the other? like which is the best one to use optimization and look wise?

I prefer fivem-target as you don’t have the polyzone dependency, its also more easy to configure in my opinion

what exactly do i need to configer to get this and your atm robbery scripts to work in my esx v1final server?

just have the dependencies and the configs correct and should work together

Too many dependencies :disappointed_relieved:. If you could have a config option so that we could choose to not use them, it would be awesome!

Gonna try work on that with configs, if anyone has any more suggestions / feedback we are happy to hear it

New update pushed, Updated config heavily and made 2 dependencies optional


  • Added Qtarget Support
  • Added Mf-Inventory Support
  • Made Robbery Optional
  • Rewrote Item logic
  • Made the Config.lua more user friendly
  • Simplified the Version Checker
  • And More!
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