[RELEASE][FREE] RY-SHOPS | Shop System with Categories, OxTarget and more

BONUS UPDATE - 25/11/2023

  • Fixed checkout function (was repeating it several times).
  • Added %total% string in messages config, so you can use the total of the basket in the messages.

UPDATE - 27/11/2023

  • Added Clear Basket Button.
  • Added Green background to item total price to highlight more.

Remembering that I’m always willing to hear new ideas, if you have something you’d like in the shop, let me know!

UPDATE - 28/11/2023

  • Design of basket products reworked.

BONUS UPDATE - 28/11/2023

  • Now each shop has its own oxTarget config.
  • Added Black Market example in config.

UPDATE - 29/11/2023

  • Added BlackMoney option (Configurable for each store).
    So Players can pay with blackmoney for blackmarket, for example.

  • If the store has blackmoney activated, the item price style will turn red and the bank/cash buttons will be replaced by a blackmoney button.

This is a great script! You should add an ability in the config of your script to parse multiple locations (vector coordinates) to have the same identical shop be accessible across multiple locations. I understand we can configure additional stores to sell different items but it would be nice if we could add more markers/blips for the same shop in multiple locations.