[RELEASE] [FREE] Real Airport (LAX) + SP

This was a suggestion, I hope I could make you guys happy:) :ok_hand: :grin:
LAXAirport.rar (96.5 MB)

Credits: Real Airport V [OIV] - GTA5-Mods.com (CAMMYx)

Install: just drag LAXAirport into your resources and start it through your server.cfg


what about the 3d logo? does it still say los santos?

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yes I think so because its hard to edit that trash

i tried to do it with a friend

but I think its still worth the download

if its a 3d logo you need to use 3dsmax to change it

let me know what you want it changed too lol


nice. hopefully he will add vinewood police stations and the one in downtown , which they prob need to do the logos too

also you could try to get the arena aswell

im only doing this one lol

that’s fine.

need to make the angeles alittle thicker

ap1_02_text1.ydr (242.6 KB)

just add this in to the stream folder :wink:


thank you

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np dude :slight_smile: enjoy

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Can you do one for a British airport like Heathrow or Gatwick please mate

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Heathrow or Gatwick ??

Heathrow mate

he means >> heathrow - Google Search

want it to say Heathrow or Heathrow Airport ??