[RELEASE][FREE][QBcore] Show Player ID

Show ID
*Just a simple script that show own and other players ID above head converted from esx to qbcore

Download Link
qb-showid.rar (2.3 KB)

Credits : DISC


Nice one!
Is it possible to activate it with a command or just for admins ? Can be pretty annoying to see the ID all the time over their heads as a casual player or without any command to deactivate it.

there is a hotkey where you can just press then the id shows above players head


esx version?


Respect man thank you

/id (in the readme :slight_smile: )

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Add a line below QBCore = nil for both main.lua files in server and client folders:

local QBCore = exports[‘qb-core’]:GetCoreObject()

Having trouble using the script. Is this still supported.

do you still need it for qbcore? i can update the script

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Yep! Dude that would be awesome.

Has it been updated for qbcore?