[RELEASE][FREE] PYT-Core: Centralize Your Functions for Streamlined Development

PYT-Core: Centralize Your Functions for Streamlined Development

Are you constantly rewriting the same functions in your projects?

Introducing PYT-Core, a comprehensive library designed for developers who value efficiency and organization. This project arose from my own need to consolidate scattered configurations and functions into a cohesive resource. Over the coming months, I anticipate PYT-Core will grow and evolve, becoming a crucial tool for developers everywhere.

Features of PYT-Core:

  • Ease of Use: Implement functions easily by exporting them to a single script. This simplifies your codebase and enhances maintainability.
  • Security: Focuses on security with rigorous input sanitation and shifts the burden of most calculations to the server-side, safeguarding your local resources.
  • Accessibility: The code is open and accessible, allowing you to adapt and integrate it according to your project needs.

Additional Details:

  • Subscription: No subscription required, offering full access without ongoing costs.
  • Dependencies: Requires ox_lib for operation.

Discover more and get started with PYT-Core by visiting the GitHub repository here.

Feature Availability
Code Accessibility Yes
Subscription Required No
Required Dependencies ox_lib

Jumpstart your development with PYT-Core and streamline your coding tasks today!


don’t take it as an offense but as an honest question, what’s the point of this? At the current stage it does basically nothing other that printing out started resource and unpacking a table. I suppose it’s still in development but at the current stage i don’t see much usefulness

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Oh it’s absolutely useless right now for sure. I’m currently working on some resources of mine which will utilize this and I’ll keep developing it. The biggest use for it will be the auto updater. I’m still trying to finalize a workflow that will allow devs to easely adapt their code. The point is for the end user to be able to simply update with a git pull while safekeeping their configs.

Secondly, with my baggage in cybersecurity, I aime to bring some standard and risky functions into exports, forcing input sanitation and protection against other threats for devs who don’t always think about it. the simple need for that is to see the amount of scripts which are vulnerable to SQL injections du to poor user input sanitation.

The point of me posting so early is just to get the word around, see this as a “hey guys, I’m working on this, have a look if you want (friendly wave)”. Nothing more ^^

Hope all of this helps!

oh cool, nothing wrong obviously, it’s just that with such a promising description one would expect many great things, you set the bar high so good luck with your journey

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Agreed- I don’t really see the use in this.

The “RessourceChecker” seems like an extremely overcomplicated way of running GetResourceState - FiveM Natives @ Cfx.re Docs

The “TableToString” can also be simplified to print(json.encode(table)) and if you want indentation, you can use print(json.encode(table, {indent=true}))

The “DebugPrinter” is just an overcomplicated way of calling print.

I see you plan to add other stuff, but I recommend not using/distributing any of what you have so far.