[RELEASE] [FREE] Newspaper Script

This script is a simple, image based newspaper script. Some of the main features are:

  • Supports any number of pages
  • Multiple locations (add more in config.lua file)
  • Supports image sources from web address, allowing updates without restarting script (see info in config.lua, replacing “weblocation” with the web address of your file folder).

Click to open the next page. Use Esc to stop viewing. It’s a pretty minimal, light-weight script that could easily be adapted for other uses (photo books, comic books, server rules, etc.).
news.zip (3.0 MB)


Very nice.
Can you upload the background you used on your test pages, It has a nice paper look


Sure, here you go:


Nice I’m trying to get a reporter kind of job in my server, this will certainly help with it!


very nice :slight_smile: lock and loadet :slight_smile: <3

next step make a item and the player need to drop the old paper in trashcans and trashjob make them empty and with old paper and a worktool craft a new item :slight_smile: or simple after take the newspaper walkable?

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very nice :laughing:

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Very cool

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finally a use for my empty hashes… thank you for the ressource…

        local DailyRagNewspaper = { 1211559620, 720581693, -1186769817, -377891123, }
        exports['qtarget']:AddTargetModel(DailyRagNewspaper, {
            options = {
                { event = "event:Open_Newspaper", icon = "far fa-newspaper", label = "Newspaper full of bad news..", price = 10, }, 
            distance = 2.5
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what does this use target system or drawtext ?

Drawtext with message “Press E To Read Newspaper”

wow, that’s a really interesting rp resource. good work.

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You put this in client right ?

Screenshot by Lightshot Playing around with it, thank you for the script man !

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