[Release][FREE][MLO]Mirror Park Houses Pack

Hello everyone! I hope this mod is useful to you.


house.rar (25.5 MB)


the interiors are floating above the houses for this one

look for resources with the same names

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Awesome! Thank you very much for releasing!

they work great thanks

cant seem to fix this

Nice copy Gabz has been doing the same inside for a while

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You need to find and change the same ymap and ytyp names

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Any plans to fix the house not having shadows?

Perhaps I will find time to refine the flaws, but it will not be soon

change them to what? sorry im new to this modding stuff.

Some of your resources have the same name as these files, you need these files to have different names. Use search to find them and try to disable this mod for a while or change the name

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thank you lots!

Is there a way to lock the houses for indivduals?

you need make script

People: Create Free Content for FiveM

TheFRcRaZy: NiCe LaYoUt CoPy of GaBz


Looks great! Thanks for the release :slight_smile:

also for me

only mansion containing is following