[Release] [Free] [Map] Illegal Bee Colony

FiveM Map South Los Santos Bee Colony
A Simple Illegal Back Alley Bee Colony Enjoy!

  • Small illegal bee colony in South LS alleyway.

  • I’ve added working buzzing bee animation effects and sounds around the area for those with high particle fx settings in their FiveM graphics settings etc.

  • Requires Bee Props by @BzZzi get it at: [PROPS] Beehive [free]

Download: GitHub - Legacy-TacticalGamingInteractive/fivem_legacy_bees_southls: FiveM Map South Los Santos Bee Colony

To Install For FiveM:

  1. Install the bee hive pack resource > maps folder or folder of your choice.

  2. Install the legacy_bees_southls folder into your server resource > maps folder or folder of your choice.

i) REPLACE bzzz_props_beehive_pack.ytyp in the bee hive pack folder with the one thats from my folder. ii)Remove the no longer needed folder from my folder.

  1. Add “ensure bzzz_beehive_pack #bzzz bee hive props goes with legacy_bees_southls map” (no ")
  2. Add “ensure legacy_bees_southls #goes with bzzz bees pack” to your server.cfg (no ")
  3. Clear server cache if you want and restart your server.

!) beehive pack MUST be started before the colony map in the server.cfg

Another several bee colonies much larger with selling spots have been setup which I will post soon so keep an eye out. Great for if someone makes a new beekeeping script or updates that one that was from 2022.


Is there a job for bees or honey?

Unfortunately no
The bees do buzz around though you can see them