[RELEASE] [FREE] In N Out Burger // Krispy Kreme Donuts

Hey guys this is another release here, I hope you guys will enjoy it.

Credits: artkrime

(let me know if the link is not working anymore)

Install: just drag InNOut into your resources and start it through your server.cfg


I dont see a link at all?

its there for me LOL

I see the link

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quit using easyuploads lol just simply zip the files and drag and drop in to the post dude

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I saw your name on this post, thought it was going to be something positive for once :joy:

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you have me mistaken lol :smiley:

I will be adding a pack today so chill :rofl:

you add as many as you like i mean just zip the files and drag and drop in here … saves you having to keep reuploading when the link as expired lol… i more then sure there a rule about not using 3rd party site to upload your stuff

oh thanks mate :ok_hand:

cause I´m new to uploading

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You should look at the release rules to get an idea on what’s ok and what’s not. Also, GitHub or zip folders, not some website

yes I looked at them and from now on I am going to include the base and a link with the credit:)

this just the exterior no interior?

exterior no interior, hope I could help :ok_hand:

only exterior :ok_hand:

This texture caused issues in my server and would prevent the entire postal block from loading. Might just be “a me issue” as it may have been conflicting with another resource.

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Link is not working