[Release] [Free] F-14D Super Tomcat Variable Sweep Wings Script (More Vehicles Supported)

Here is a simple script I wrote to sweep the wings of the F-14D Super Tomcat recently released by SkylineGTRFreak.

Credit to Kevin D. for the screenshot

At approximately 200 knots (~100 M/s) the wings will sweep backwards, below that speed the wings will extend again if you are not touching the throttle!

The speed is configurable by changing the part that says if GetEntitySpeed(veh) >= 100 then change the 100 to whatever speed you would like (the speed is in metres per second so keep that in mind)

In order to add another model or change which one is used change the config section in c.lua

sweep2.rar (1.0 KB)

Github Code for you as well.

/sweep Will toggle automatic wing sweeping.
/wings Opens or closes wings based on current state


Seem cool

Could you please share the plane model in FiveM version?


I am pretty sure you aren’t allowed to upload stuff like that anymore.

yes its hopefully

Cool cool

Great release!

using this in my server great work!

anyone know how to fix my game crashing every time I try to enter the F-14 in FiveM

Try to change the vehicle layout to the lazer’s layout.

I also have that problem, any solutions?

@XTheGreatJamesX Could you put this on GitHub? I’d be interested in making a pull request for this as I see some potential for improvement but don’t want to be clogging up the replies here.

Did you try the fix I sent there?

I can yeah, hopefully I dont forget!

I have also made some updates on my own if I’m not mistaken, so we will see where it ends up.

Ok, I’ve updated the thing and added it to github.