[RELEASE] [FREE] [ESX] Double Job

A double job in esx framework, pretty easy to work, it comes with a configurable timer to interchange jobs (to avoid abuse of it) and a customizable command to change job and show job (if you don’t have a hud for that)

I also added a customizable notification if you don’t use ESX.ShowNotification() and a Webhook to discord to log the people who uses the command and to what changed the job.

It will have updates as time passes, leave a commend here for what should I do next or what the script needs


If you can’t see it click in the video below


  • Well-optimized
    • 0.01ms | Idle and In Usage
  • Not ip locked or obfuscated
  • Highly customizable
    • Change notifications
    • Change the command for change the job
    • Change the command for showing the job
    • Added a command for an admin to add a second job
    • Easily changeable on the config.lua
    • & much more


Download Link:


The code is easy to read and can be easily changed. If you can’t work around the code, you can and ask for help



Download link?

Can you share your menu?

Has not this already been made?

No download

i forgot the download link, sorry

I did it like 2 years ago for an older server, but it seems like you posted first so ill call it like a more optimized remake, ill let the “proper comments” in the post.

Sorry i can’t share it, it’s not mine and I don’t have any rights to do it

Dont know how it is more optimized, but at least something.

See it for yourself bro :wink: thanks in a way, for doing the script but I’m using it for 2 years, I let you the correspond credits for that

No, he cant do that because he rob that from a server and use it from leaks, discusting actitud

Nice Release, but i recommend you to use non leaked stuff like your menu, if you know front-end then you should know how to make your own menu i guess

True, but like you saw, the base is in spanish, I use it for the purpose video.

I did it, I’m on my way to post it

what happen if you go to JobCenter & select a job, will it change your first job? or it will only change Job2 ?

it only changes the first job.

i need a hud for this doublejob

I can create one based of trew hud

is this working in ESX LEGACY?